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Traveling plastic free is so much easier.

Traveling with products that don't use plastic packaging can lighten up your load! When you travel with Shampoo and conditioner bars they can't spill and are lighter weight than big plastic bottles. Also, if you just travel with carry on luggage you will have no trouble at security with liquid oz. maximums.

If you use all your paperboard deodorant while on a trip it can simply be thrown in the compost or garbage with no plastic waste. Wooden combs, brushes and toothbrushes are also compostable. No plastic waste.

The pink item in the first photo is a reusable Q tip. Just wash and reuse for the rest of your life no plastic Q tips endangering little seahorses. Even make up can be packaged in bamboo check out @elatecosmetics for wonderful organic plastic free make-up. In any case you can easily simplify your sustainable travel kit and travel plastic free with Check out our new website and start putting together your lightweight, plastic free travel kit!


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