Hello from Black Mountain Farm! We hope you are all safe and prepared for this weird new phase (hopefully temporary) in our lives. Corona Vurus has shown us it is no joke. I hope you can take this time to slow down, and enjoy family time together. We as family are doing yoga, preparing meals and enjoying farm chores like never before in this time of quarantine. I hope you have some supplies but are also spending time communicating with neighbors as the best preparedness can be your friendships with those around you. We are now offering Meyer lemon Hand sanitizers in a refillable glass spray bottle (still avoiding plastic waste) for those who want to keep they environment clean of bacteria a

March Madness

Literally are we all going mad? This Corona virus craze is scary. My original March Giveaway was a free guided hike up Black Mountain and all the photos you want me to take to tell your friends you made it! This comes when you purchase $100 worth of products. But now with all the craziness I will send a bonus gift of homemade hand sanitizer. If you haven't made some of your own, order some of my products and I'll send you 1 for free! What a deal!

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