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Black Mountain farm

Black Mountain Beauty

I am a farmer out in beautiful West Marin County in Northern California. I love to create products from the bounty of my farm. I am a Fiber Farmer first and create soft, cozy clothing from my Wensleydale sheep and Angora rabbits. 

We live close to the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches which I love to visit. Unfortunately, there is more and more plastic pollution on these beaches every day. So, in an effort to reduce my own use of plastic, I began creating all-natural Shampoo and Conditioner bars that need no plastic packaging. These have been selling like crazy to people who like chemical-free products and also care about plastic pollution in our oceans.


I am branching out to new, everyday personal products that can be made with biodegradable packaging or no packaging at all. Hope you enjoy it. Please drop me a note on the Contact page and let me know how you like Black Mountain Beauty products.


If you would like to come to visit Black Mountain Farm, please check us out on Airbnb at Black Mountain Farm Pond House.


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