Lemon Shampoo bars are great to use when you want to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom.They were ispired by the Meyer lemon in my backyard. They have my dehydrated Meyer Lemon from my tree in them. They smell like fresh lemon and when you add water they lather up nicely. These bars are also great for travel since customs won't bother you about fluid ounces in your carry on! This shampoo is made from Coconut oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil, Sodium Hydroxide, color, and lemon essential oil. Using a vinegar and water rinse after shampooing enhances the shine and helps detangle your hair. Your solution can be 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. Enjoy!


If you would like to reduce the amount of plastic waste you and your family are creating and be part of a cleaner more sustainable world, check out these plastic free alternatives that are both; Eco Friendly and Plastic Free but create the possibility of a more sustainable  cleaner Ocean friendly lifestyle.


Lemon Shampoo Bars

  • I am not an esthatician or medical doctor. These products are not meant to cure diseases or heal a medical condition. I am just a Mom who wants to use clean, organic, non-chemical products on my family. I want to reduce the use of plastics in our home so as to not create more plastic to put in the Ocean ( only 10% of all plastic created since 1950 has been recylced!) I will include a list of ingredients please be informed and educate yourselves on the benefits of these healthy ingredients. It is your perogative to love and understand your own body and choose what you want to put on it.