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Refill Madness!

So exciting to see refill stores popping up in so many towns and cities across the country! If we refill our containers or makeup, skincare, haircare, and home care this leads to less plastic containers being purchased and less plastic waste in our oceans, landfills and burned into our air.

Did you know that know that other countries are no longer allowing the USA to ship our plastic to to their recycling plants because they can't deal with all the plastic they are already trying to clean up!

Did you know that there are large tanker ships of garbage coming back to the USA that are full of plastic waste and that the USA is now just dumping it in the ocean or burying it with our garbage?

Really makes me want to make the simple adjustment to reducing plastic waste!

Well is now going to offer a 50% discount on refills if you send your empty Blackmountainbeauty jars or tins to us here in California. We will sterilize them, fill them and relabel them if needed.

Please contact me through my website if you would like this discount.


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