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So excited to announce...

We are so excited to announce our new organic, vegan, no plastic packaging make up! This trio of color enhances the beauty from within. This make up is meant for all skin types and shades of skin. It is shear so your own natural glow shines through.

The Bronzer helps define your best features it is made with natural colors of cocoa powder and cinnamon. The Blush, made with Hibiscus flowers, is great to give your a warm glow as if you are blushing from seeing the love of your life. The Shimmer is made with a little shimmer made with eucalyptus fiber. Makes you want to go out dancing with your girlfriends. All of these are made with vegan and organic ingredients like Coconut oil, Shea butter, and Candellila wax from a cactus plant.

Are you ready to have a more healthy less toxic, make up routine? Do you get discouraged at all the plastic packaging and toxic ingredients in make up these days and wan to make the switch heres your chance. You can buy one for $12.99 or all three for $30.00. Match these with a zero waste mascara from @zerraandco and you are ready for a night out.

Did you know researchers who tested different types of popular lipsticks found toxic metals like: lead, cadmium, chromium, and aluminum? Seventy five percent of all makeup products tested contain manganese, titanium, aluminum and lead which is a neurotoxin!

Make the switch to make up, glow sticks and create not only a healthier planet but a healthier you.


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