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Free food yumm!

Most people think of gardening as difficult, expensive and you need lots of space. I disagree. I have had my hands in a little garden patch throughout my life. Gardening not only gives you free healthy food but soothes your soul when you need it.

Poppy always "helps" me in the garden. When I throw weeds in the compost she loves to pounce on them! I love to find edible plants that are perennials so that they continue to provide food year after year without needing to buy seeds or new starts. A good example of this is artichokes, potatoes, grapes, and rhubarb these come back each year with more free food.

I also collect wild berry plants when I am out hiking. I have started 2 huge berry patches, one raspberry and one blackberry from plants I found while out hiking.

I also save pits if I am eating an especially good piece of fruit, I save the pit and dry it, cool it then plant it and have grown 2 plum trees and two peach trees this way.

Another way to grow free food is to save the stems of celery like the one in the photo put it in a glass of water then when you see small roots plant it in the ground. You can do this with most herbs to create a free herbs as well.


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