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Announcing New Product line!

We are so excited to announce our new plastic free Laundry and Kitchen line. We are calling it Black Mountain Clean. If you are looking for away to reduce those heavy plastic laundry detergent bottles and cumbersome boxes of powder we have the solution. True Earth laundry strips! We are now official resellers of this great, minimalistic and convenient way to do laundry.

We are selling a beginner plastic free laundry bundle for $24.99. It includes 30 laundry strips (30 loads of laundry), our own farm crafted lavender linen spray and 2 sheep's wool dryer balls!

We are also developing a plastic free kitchen bundle with a heart shaped solid dish washing block to hand wash dishes and it comes with a biodegradable walnut scrubby. The scrubby acts as both great scrubby for those stuck on greasy messes and as a place to rest your solid dish block.

Both of these bundles come in this great reusable organic hemp drawstring bag. If you need a resupply of the laundry strips we will be selling refills and/or you can get a regular first of the month subscription of 30 laundry strips each month.


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