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Passionate About our Sun Cream

OK...pause...take a breath...and let me explain why I am passionate about making homemade sun cream.

There is a debate about the efficacy of all sunscreens. What SPF you should use? How often should you apply? Should you use a spray application than hurts the planet's ozone layer, or should I use a conventional sunscreen with chemicals that may cause cancer because the FDA says it’s OK? These are the debates going on with conventional sunblocks and sun screens.

My Product is a sun cream. The ingredients are all organic and even edible. Even the non-nano zinc I use is organic. The beauty of a non-nano zinc is that it lays on top of your skin like a white shirt would, reflecting light and protecting against both UVA and UVB rays . The thicker the white, the more applications, the greater the protection. Vegan carnuba wax holds it all together and makes it water resistant on your skin. Other organic ingredients I use are coconut oil, coconut butter, jojoba oil, raspberry oil and vitamin E. Using organic ingredients is important for me and my family. What scares me about conventional sunblocks and sunscreens is that they use chemicals like oxybenzone, which the FDA grandfathered in most sunscreens that can block hormones like testosterone. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid this FDA approved ingredient. Oxybenzone is banned in some places in Hawaii because it kills baby coral. Another ingredient, retinyl palmitate, has shown to cause cancer in some cases. Traces of other chemicals, octocrylene, octinoxate, and erhlyhexyl salicylate, are now in our drinking water and are difficult to remove. Parabens are another FDA approved ingredient that are detrimental to humans.

Please take time to educate yourself about these chemicals. Just because a chemical is FDA approved might not mean it's the best thing for you and your family. Skin cancer rates have increased, along with the use of these FDA approved skin absorbed chemical sunscreen. Maybe it’s time to think about that correlation. I am sticking with my Sun Cream. I know what's in it, I don't get sunburned - and feel safe using it.

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