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Like the Hawaiians we love and care for our land here on Black Mountain Farm in Marin County , California. We use pure, organic and vegan ingredients grown here on Black Mountain farm.   Our organic bath and body products leave your skin and hair feeling naturally clean and refreshed. It feels good knowing that you are using an organic product that is sustainably hand crafted with love for the environment.
Our skincare, hair care and cleaning products are made with a low waste lifestyle in mind. These non toxic products,  are free of toxic ingredients that can damage ocean sea life or coral reefs.  They are made using earth friendly ingredients and packaged in plastic free packaging. Even our labels are made with recycled paper and non toxic ink.
Our organic ingredients are harvested right here on our farm. We handcraft lemon and lavender oils as well as use mint in our organic toothpaste.  All of our sustainable eco friendly cleaning products use when possible organic ingredients as well. We believe that we should reduce the amount of plastic waste created so our plastic free packaging is made from compostable paper, tin, or glass.

Plastic-Free Skincare and House Cleaning Products

Ocean-Friendly, Organic, No Plastic Waste,
Vegan, Biodegradable & Hand-Crafted on Black Mountain Farm
in West Marin, California

Explore Products that are Better for You and our Planet

Our mission here on Black Mountain Farm is to create low waste, ocean friendly products so that we are not contributing to the already polluted oceans. By giving folks eco friendly alternatives we hope you choose to create less plastic waste in your families household.

Our mission is to create organic,
plastic-free products and reduce
plastic waste in our oceans

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