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These little fizz bombs are great for cleaning and refreshing your toilet bowl each week. The clean fresh scent and whitening peroxide clean your bowl naturally without harmful chemicals. If you need a refill you can buy a refill paper bag of 10 fizz bombs for $8.99


Are you looking for less toxic ,plastic free house cleaning products for you and your family?  Do you want an alternative to house cleaning products that have to be locked up and baby proofed because they have ingredients that can harm your children? We on  on Black Mountain Farm, have created house cleaning products that are effective cleaners and safe for you, your family, and the Earth.

Toilet Fizz Cleaning Bombs

  • If you would like a refill keep the jar and we will send you a refill at $8.99

  • If you would like refill on toilet bombs i can send you over 10 bombs in a paper bag through mail or call me if local and I will get them to you!

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