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Our new soothing Cucumber Eye Gel is the perfect solution for those late night puffy bags under your eyes. Just the tiniest drop goes a long way to tightening up and reducing swelling as well as soothing the puffines and irritation under your eyes. Keep it in the fridge for extra relief and reduction of puffiness. This product has no preservatives so use it up and I will refill the container at half price!   You can buy it in unique rool on style as well.


Come home and relax in your own Home Health Spa! Choose eco-Friendly, Plastic free, Organic products  created on our  farm on  Black Mountain.  Relax  knowing  you can treat your self and Mother Earth with Organic , Sustainable, Ocean Friendly, Plastic Free products. Create your own soothing , unique home Spa experience.

Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel

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