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Laundry Room Bundle

If you are trying to simplify and reduce plastic waste in your laundry room, this is a great  laundry bundle. You get 2 Wool Dryer balls that keep your clothes  stay soft, static free and smelling great. These wool dryer balls can last for years.

You also get the refreshing laundry spray used to spray on the Dryer balls or directly on clean laundry for a farm fresh  Lavender smell.  This spray can also be used as a room spray or linen spray.


In this bundle you also receive 32 laundry strips (32 loads), dehydrated laundry soap strips which go directly in your front or top loading laundry machine. These strips are so effective a chemical free they even cleaned my dirty  dog beds. Once you try these laundry strips and realize how well they work you be amazed. They are so much easier to carry, effective and toxic chemical free.


Once you run out of strips you can reorder and we will send them to you through the mail in an envelope.

Laundry Room Bundle

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