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This is our  super sudzy dish soap. It comes in a solid form to save money and water as most dish soaps in plastic bottles are mostly water. The ingredeients have no preservatives , parabens or sulfates tha t are harmful to skin and our water. To use it simply wet your brush or dish cloth, rub it on the solid dish soap until it creates suds the wash all your pots, pans, dishes and glassware. Remember to wash your dishes in a dish tub and feed the dirty dishwater to your plants or back lawn if you live in a drought area.


Are you looking for less toxic, plastic free house cleaning products for you and your family?  Do you want an alternative to house cleaning products that have to be locked up and baby proofed because they have ingredients that can harm your children? We on  on Black Mountain Farm, have created house cleaning products that are effective cleaners and safe for you, your family, and the Earth.



Dish soap

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