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This mighty little dish brush really scrubs your dishes clean! It lasts for much longer than sponges and does not hold harmful causing bacteria like a sponge can. Do not run it under water that is hotter than 80 degrees . Let it dry between washings and use it in conjunction with our dish soap in a tin.


If you would like to reduce the amount of plastic waste you and your family are creating and be part of a cleaner more sustainable world, check out these plastic free alternatives that are both; Eco Friendly and Plastic Free but create the possibility of a more sustainable  cleaner Ocean friendly lifestyle.


Are you looking for less toxic ,plastic free house cleaning products for you and your family?  Do you want an alternative to house cleaning products that have to be locked up and baby proofed because they have ingredients that can harm your children? We on  on Black Mountain Farm, have created house cleaning products that are effective cleaners and safe for you, your family, and the Earth.

Dish Brush

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